Volunteers wanted for Photoshoot

I am planning a photoshoot for a cyclist portraiture session. The idea is to photograph ‘you’ in your usual cycling outfit including bicycle.  This photoshoot will happen in London. I have not set a date yet, but it will be in the next couple of months.

The motivation behind this is to capture the unique and different styles of people on bicycles in and around London. I will try to photograph a variety of different styles and bicycle types, so please send me some information about yourself and your bike, at best a photograph of yourself with bike. Some photographs will be selected  for a possible public exhibition.

Anyone who is interested in having their photographs taken, please contact me through the Contact page. I will make a selection by mid July 2010.


World Naked Bike Ride London 2010

Once again have I managed to take photographs of the WNBR London 2010. The weather was great and most definitely a lot of participants who appeared to have a lot of fun. I have added the photographs to the Gallery page under London, 12th of June 2010. I hope you enjoy the photos…

Nice Feedback

I received a really nice note about the photographs of the event on www.bikewars.co.uk.

Please see below.


I have just looked at your pictures for the first time - they do capture the
spirit and great fun enjoyed by all - the smiles on those lookin on indicate no
offence and the message is well made if folks read the main page, as well as
looking at the taking part.

I think this passive yet powerfull protest against the exploitation of the world
oil, rights of cyclists etc is well made and should get a higher profile on the
world stage.

Hope the event is organised again this year.



Thanks for your time

Amazing, I just looked at the statistics of bikewars.co.uk and found that since the 20th of June 2009 I had more than 2200 visitors with around 350.000 hits. I really did not expect this. If you like my photographs, you might like my other website too, which has some random shots of my little adventures. I always carry a camera with me, cause you never know whats next…..


World Naked Bike Ride UK